LMRN General Meeting 4th December

LMRN General Meeting

Tuesday 4th December 3-4pm

Room G.03 Baines Wing


The Leeds Migration Research Network is university-wide network of scholars with a shared interest in migration, displacement, mobility, refugees and asylum seekers, ethnicity/race and decoloniality. The network bringing together over 70 members across a range of faculties together with practitioners, local authorities and civil society organisations in the region to support high quality research collaborations, to open a space for intellectual debates on migration and to strengthen cross sector networks.


We invite our existing members and everyone with an interest in migration to come join us at our open general meeting. Please come and join us to meet other members of the Leeds Migration Research Network. You can help to determine our priorities and activities for the coming year, discuss our longer term strategy and also talk about potential research opportunities and collaborations.

An agenda is below:





-What do we want LMRN to do over the coming year?

-Strategies to enable LMRN’s sustainable growth

-Potential research collaborations/ synergies