[Event] LMRN’s SPECIAL MIGRATION EVENT @ RC21 – 11/09/2017

The University of Leeds is hosting the annual RC21 International Urban Studies conference on campus next week, Monday to Wednesday 11-13 September 2017. This is the biggest annual gathering of critical urban scholars in human geography, sociology, politics and related disciplines. Around 700 delegates from 50 countries will be on campus attending multiple parallel sessions and plenaries.
As part of these events, the Organising Committee has also planned a number of Open sessions, events and activities which any member of the university or local public is free to join. These mostly take place in the Conference Exhibition Hall which is adjacent to The Edge Sports Centre, or in other locations as listed. The Exhibition Hall is also where to find the further information desk about these events or the conference as a whole. Please contact Adrian Favell (a.favell@leeds.ac.uk) for further info if you are interested in any of the events.
See the online programme (Open Events) for details:
Monday, September 11
16:30 – 18:00  / Exhibition Hall
Discussion: Leeds Migration Research Network. Co-founders of the University’s very lively critical migration studies network – Gabriella Alberti, Chris Forde, Rosa Mas Giralt, and Hannah Lewis (now a member of the University of Sheffield Migration Group) – lead a discussion on the migration research / activism interface in the North of England. They will summarise and reflect upon the engagement of scholars in these networks with local migrant organisations, including recent organised events, and the challenges faced in the current local and national politics of migration. Some of the issues revolve around the ‘impact’ oriented pressure for researchers to provide ‘facts’ about migration and its costs/benefits, as well as difficulties with resources and finding space for both critical work and practical dialogue.